Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The big comeback

For many years cycling has been a large part of my life. As you will all know just like partying it can be a very time demanding pastime. To compete at any level you need to dedicate time to training, sometimes (depending on the training) you may also need to dedicate time to recovering (just like partying). Ever tried going to a social function after five hours in the hills? You know what I’m talking about.

I’m about to get introspective now (apologies). Sometimes I get the urge to be normal, you know, sleep in on the weekends, spend time with friends and family and wake up at a normal hour instead of at ridiculous o’clock to get a cheeky hour and a half in before work. I’m sure its genetic and sometime soon the gene that causes this urge for normality will be identified. Locked Neucleic Acids can then be used to shut down the gene (I saw it on the internet) and hey presto we have a way to treat this indolence inducing condition (I wonder what the UCI stance on this is?). Until that day I will just have to take time off from cycling to recharge my batteries from time to time. Please feel free to use this as an excuse every time somebody asks you why you didn’t show up for a training ride. “I have a genetic condition”.

Well for me this week marks roughly four months off the bike due to my debilitating genetic condition. With all the effervescence of the spring classics and Giro still bubbling around me I have decided that it’s about time I started training again. Who could forget Bjorn Leukemans gesticulating in frustration when he was unable to hold onto Fabian Cancellaras wheel in Paris Roubaix? Surely one of the defining images of vulnerability and frustration in modern times (for Leukemans at least). Ah, new found inspiration thanks to the exploits of those super stars of the road (we all want to ride people off our wheel like Fabian).

With my newfound motivation I have been timidly venturing out for some slow easy rides. Reality hits pretty quickly when you have had four months off the bike without any exercise. Weakness, pain, an overall feeling of flimsiness, a little nausea, dry cough. I typed these symptoms into an online self diagnoses website and apparently I have the flu every time I go for a ride! I suppose I will have to take a few days off to get over it.

What a setback.

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